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How to write a reflective diary?

(REMEMBERING) For this tutorial class I learnt about grading criteria which is very systematic and somehow it is also very demanding for me to fulfill.

(UNDERSTANDING) I think the grading criteria that lecturer uses are emphasize on the use of six levels of thinking called Bloom’s Taxonomy of Cognition skills and citation skills to avoid plagiarism. Both criteria are becoming obligations for students to utilize it in writing reflective diaries and other term papers.

(APPLYING)Using cognition skills and citation skills are very effective in writing any kinds of papers for educational purposes and for other objectives.

(ANALYZING) When the three components: remembering, understanding, and applying in the cognition skills are under low level of thinking, i should pay less attention to it and instead improve more on higher level of thinking such as analysing, evaluating and creating in order to strengthen my quality of writing. Granello (2001) demonstrates that “Bloom’s Taxonomy is provided as a mechanism to help students develop and demonstrate cognitive complexity when writing comprehensive literature reviews”.

(EVALUATING) From my previous weeks of writing in reflective diaries, I found that there were many important points that I did not include and explain well. I have reflected on my writing ability that I have low level of thinking. However, the previous reflective diaries seemed to go under these three components because I have been told by other lecturers from the first week to begin with summarizing what I have learnt in class before proceeding to analysing, evaluating and suggesting my personal views in the reflective diary. Anyway, I possibly change and follow new concepts for the purpose of developing and enhancing my grade from now on.

(CREATING)  Hence, while I am practicing Bloom’s Taxonomy of Cognition skills including the using of APA citation styles in every assignments, I hopefully ensure that my papers are well organize and standardizing to the readers.  Even though I have come up with good ideas, I could not assure that they are my original ideas or borrowed ideas; thus, I have to use APA citation methods to prove and protect my works from considering as plagiarizing.


Granello, D. H. (2001). Promoting cognitive complexity in graduate written work: Using Bloom’s taxonomy as a

pedagogical tool to improve literature reviews. Counselor Education and Supervision, 40(4), 292-

307. Retrieved February 15, 2013 from:

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