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How to write a reflective diary?

This week, we did not have lecture due to holiday. Therefore, we only have tutorial. In the tutorial, we were discussing about our assessment. Most of them are writing. (Evaluate) In my opinion, writing is the most difficult task for student. It is not only about write what is in our mind, but we also have to see some aspects in order to make the reader understand our writing. (Remember) As it is mentioned in the tutorial, there are four aspects as a language assessment.

(Remember) First is conciseness. The idea is complete and the least number of words is used. (Understand) It means that we have to make our writing clear, but still we need to keep it short. (Remember) The second one is clarity. Ideas are very clear to the reader. (Analyze) When we write something, we have to make sure that the reader can understand our writing and get our idea. (Remember)  Third is transparency. (Analyze) When we write an assignment, sometimes we have to borrow information from other source. We have to be transparent to the reader. If we use the idea from a source, we have to state it in our paper, so the reader can find the borrowed ideas. (Remember) The last one is differentiation. (Analyze) This is similar to transparency. (Analyze) Transparency and differentiation will show the reader which one the ideas from sources and which one our own idea. (Analyze) Transparency means that we show the reader if the idea is borrowed, while differentiation means that we make the differences between the borrowed ideas and our own ideas, so the readers can differentiate either it is an original or borrowed idea.

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