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How i want United Nations to be

Now, to talk particular about my country, Bangladesh, the involvement of UN is been a long time, even before the rise of the nation. In 1971, during the Liberation War of Bangladesh (Previously East Pakistan) with Pakistan (West Pakistan), though the United Nations condemned the human rights violations by Pakistan during war, it failed to defuse the situation before the start of the war. The UN Security Council member USA supported Pakistan, whereas former USSR vetoed for independence of East Pakistan. At the late phase of the war, India get involved in the conflict by raising awareness in many countries in favor of Bangladesh to stop genocides of Pakistan. Pakistan felt imminent failure of war and started meeting with USA officials in UN to get India out of business. USA tried to make own resolution for this while USSR vetoed the biased resolution and stopped Pakistan to get further political support. By this time, Pakistani forces were cornered and surrendered by Bangladesh’s brave freedom fighters and the war was over. Pakistan was frustrated and left the UN council.

If I assume, I am the Secretary General of UN, my primary role would be rather reforming UN councils before going for field missions. First I may recheck the constitution of the UN and find out the faulty points which need to be voted for change. Then I may make proper and needed adjustments in the Security Council and general assembly membership policies. Later on, I may look for more consistent, systematic and careful implementation of human rights declarations; taking necessary steps to remodel the International Court of Justice and International Criminal Court accordingly. After all those improvement, I may go for field strategy and missions across the globe, taking strict and unbiased, righteous and virtuous positions for UN to support mankind. Actually all I have said are immensely tough to uphold in real life situations. This is how i see United Nations in years.

If I were a president of my country, I would think of possible involvements of UN to develop my country more. I would eagerly make dialogues with the UN Secretary General and Allied UN members to support my country’s welfare. I would also seek qualified UN representatives for my country, so that my nation get proper attention, support and by this we can have a better foreign collaboration and investments, which will excel the prosperity. I believe I will also help UN in sending forces for Peacekeeping missions, giving donations and aid, participating regularly in assemblies. Besides, if possible I will try to advice UN in reformation of its councils. This is how i want United Nations.

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