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Governance System

This week, we learnt system of governance such as monarchy, oligarchy, dictatorship, theocracy, democracy where is lecture had given by Mr Hamid. He mostly focuses to democracy system which government in all eligible citizens have an equal in the decision that affects their lives. Democracy is like a political system where is have choosing and replacing the government through free and fair election. It can call through elected in do democracy system. Mostly people who are involving democracy are active as citizen in politics and civic life. Besides that, democracy applies protection of the human right which people can give their opinions. A rule law of democracy are equally to all citizen multiparty election where they are representative government.

Then, he had showed two theories about Locke, Rousseau and Voltaire. Locke and Voltaire are thus in two different register theory of separation of religion from the state on side and a manifesto of anti-clericalism on the other. In addition, Rousseau is about ‘Enlightenment’ where the one very famous philosopher is. What I can said that have showed different between three of that theories. But I am not really understood about that. I just know only about different secularism are influenced directly by Locke, Rousseau and Voltaire.  In France, secularism is often Voltaire and Rousseau but separation law of 1905 in France is undoubtly inspired by Locke.

At the end of class, current affair class have special guest where is Prof. Hood Salleh. He will talk about Orang Asli. He is one who is involves with Orang Asli project. He stories his experience at there and shares some information about Orang Asli to us. It was really interesting. I hope one day AIU will do like that project to help Orang Asli people. They are really poor with facilities and everything. That is because they are really far from people. Orang Asli people lives in forest where they just eat and their life at there. So pity for them, we as students at AIU should grateful because have people such Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Albukhari helps us ang give education to change our life.

In tutorials class, Mr John asks us to form group for panel discussion. We also have discussed about time to do panel discussion. My group do on 16 March 2013 at 3.30 and venue not discuss yet because he want to finds suitable place to do panel discussion. Besides that, he asks us to discuss what kinds of topic will be chosen. My group choose McDonalization topic where is our main to negatives of McDonalization. As we know, McDonald is very famous among people and has company over the world. I think McDonalization will be interesting topic for my panel discussion and also my drama. I am so excited to do drama. In my life, I never be actor particularly English drama.

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