Globalization – The burning issue

When we talk about Globalization issue, lots of thought-provoking ideas hit our mind. Globalization is one of the burning question of our time. Though the process of globalization started from unknown time, the effects can be visible more and more nowadays. Globalization is a natural phenomenon in its root. We cannot simply stop this globalization, as we cannot stop our hunger for prosperity. Globalization is not an easy process to understand and deal with. It is related with many other processes such as economy, environment, global warming etc.

As we discussed in our lecture session, globalization has been occurring since beginning of trading system. Hundreds of years ago, globalization has its face in sailing across the seas, creation of coins and exchange of products. At the mediaeval age, it took face in concurring regions, colonization etc. In recent years globalization is presented in global warming, political clashes, economic crisis, and nuclear power and so on.

Thus, if we look beneath the globalization process, we will find various economic, environmental, cultural, political factors which influence and excel this process. Consumerism, transportation, telecommunication, open market, outsourcing, special economic zones etc. are specific key points what affect the economic globalization. The basic concepts of globalization is based on open orders, ending of local, interdependence of economic, interchange of worldviews, product and ideas. Climate change, global warming, pollution, natural disasters are environmental factors for globalization. Cultural affairs such as media-influence, power distribution changes the globalization process deeply. The use of science and technology also act as stimulus for globalization in different settings of the world.

Thus for the consequences we have many aspects to look upon. First and foremost, the global warming issue is an alarm for all of us, to check the ecological destruction, the future of mankind and all sorts of lives are at stake. Globalization is creating power distances between developed and underdeveloped countries. Hunger games is new tactics of superpowers to rule over the poor and exploitation of human labor. So we have a clear picture what we might face in recent years if this insanity goes on.

To conclude, I can say globalization cannot be stopped and there is no need to stop it. The thing we need to change is moral attitude and humanitarian values above the greed for wealth, fame, power. After that we can expect or enjoy real benefits of globalization.


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