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GLOBALIZATION/FAST FOOD CASE – Butrint Bozalija – week 5

Globalization is a term that has many definitions but in my opinion, globalization is the development of life in different perspectives e.g. technology, economy, transport; which minimize the ‘’world’’ and bring people of different world views, cultures together in a very simple way.

Last week we were in a short break due to the celebration of Chinese New Year/The Year of the Snake. So, I and my friends decided to go out and have fast food for lunch. It was hard to decide where to go because Alor Star, as any other city in the world is full of fast food corners/centers too but majority wanted to go to Mc Donald’s so we went there. As we entered there we could see a lot of people eating and too many queuing to make their order but yet the place was still so clean. The workers were so warm with us and other clients, smiling all the time and I think it’s a great thing because being friendly and humble leaves a very good impression but in the end they have to do it because they get paid for it. Another thing that got my attention except for the crowd and cleanliness, and which is bad, is that none of the people there were fit/athletic and I was shocked how some parents bring their little children and let them get used with junk food from an early age. In these corners there is no traditional/local food that you can order so; it can lead to the desertion of the local dishes.

There are hundreds and thousands of dollars spent by government on campaigns all around the world which try to make people aware of what can harm their health, and one of the main harmers is junk food but yet government takes no action to ‘’end up’’ these food centers, I guess they do nothing about it because they get a specific percentage, taxes, from the profit of fast food shops. So, they have interest too.  Even though people are aware of the fact that junk food does no good to their body, they still go and eat there because the food is delicious, these places are worldwide known and promoted several times daily on the written and spoken media, so; it’s like a trend, and if you don’t follow the trend you’d be considered as ‘’old-fashioned’’. To be frank I always care about trendy things, and I always try to stay up to date with what’s ‘’IN’’ and ‘’OUT’’ in today’s world but last week I started going to gym and of course I am very careful to what I’m eating because I want my output to be great so I am saying no to junk food.

‘’Man is what he eats’’. Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

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