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Globalization and Junk Food

According to Wikipedia, globalization is the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture. Globalization describes the interplay across cultures of macro-social forces. This is the meaning of globalization according to Wikipedia but in lecture class this week, we were required to give our own definition of globalization according to our own understanding. What do we understand by globalization? In my opinion, globalization is involving all the activities around the world such as economic activities, environment activities, social, science and technology and politic. Through globalization, all these activities can be done without any gap because now, we can connect to the entire of world in one second.

In the lecture class, lecturer also discussed about global culture. If I am not mistaken and in my opinion, global culture happen because of integration of people from one country to another country, international married, and so on. So, we can say here there is global culture around the world. The culture will be experience by all people around the world. One of the questions that were mentioned by lecturer in the class is how has globalization affected you personally in your life? Personally, I think globalization was affected me in my life. Why do I say so? This is because, before this there is no facebook which is one of the applications of technology that we use now to connect with people around the world and even, I do not know how to use the internet. And now, I knew about it and I am using it every day. If before my free time I was playing with my cousins and neighbors, now, my free time I will fill it with facebooking all the day. And I think it is not good effect on me. Another example, if before my language is hundred percent in Malay, but now I am using my second language which is English and sometimes mix with Malay due to my environment.

In addition, in tutorial class I was learned how to write reflective diary from my respective lecturer. He was taught us how to develop our diaries. It seems easy because of there are several questions that were given but it is actually very difficult for me. In the class, we were required to write reflective diary about junk food.

‘I went to eat Mc Donald at City Plaza last year with my best friends. When I entered the restaurant, there are so many people eating inside. Some of them come with their family and their friends. Actually this is my first time I went to Mc Donald and I do not know how to order the food. So, I just asked for my friend helped and he bought for me and him selves beef burger. There are so many parties that involves in this issue such as Malaysia government, advertisement, franchise (who are rich that run the business), the owner of restaurant and so on.

The existence of this junk food restaurant actually will affect the people itself like children and adult. Why? This is because when we are eating fast food from this kind of restaurant indirectly we will pay for the taxes from the government which is will increase the price of food. Besides, fast food also will harm our health. The government gained their profit by taxes actually and because of people like junk food, the restaurant will gained the profit through open more branches. So, the workers also will get the benefit from this.

Why this phenomenon happen? I think the historical reason why this phenomenon happen is because of there are not so many local people know how to cook traditional food and the traditional food slowly disappear. This is because traditional food is shows our culture. When there is no traditional food in the future, automatically our culture also will disappear.’

I think this is how we develop our reflective diary. For me, it is not really easy to follow all the questions.

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