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Globalisation – Reflective Diary week 5

In this week, we studied about globalisation. In the beginning of the class, we had to write down our understanding towards globalisation in paragraph. From my understanding, globalisation is a process that interchanges the world views, ideas, values, cultures and other aspects. After that, we continue our class with discussed about our understanding about aspects of globalisation. There are basic aspects of the globalisation which is trade, migration, capital dissemination of knowledge and so on. Globalisation also can be seen by using environment, political, economical, and socio-cultural frames.

During the discussion, our lecturer had asked about the questions “How has globalisation affected you personally in your life?“. In my opinion, globalisation had given positive and negative effect in our daily life. From the positive side, globalisation has linking and sharing of cultural and economic activities between different countries. Globalisation has increased as countries have been more willing and able to communicate and interact with one another. Globalisation had come out with new advance technologies around the world and makes our single life become easier and faster. While globalization has obvious advantages, unfortunately there are also disadvantages that need to be considered such as our life is getting less independence because of the technologies. We depending too much to technologies and our future generations might be forget how to be independence. Globalisation also may lead environmental problems such as global warming, climate change because of the increasing the number of factory in developing country and huge usage of technologies.

This week lecture had improved understanding about globalisation. It is also helped me to build new knowledge, my writing skills about globalisation and also got more clearly information to fixed my understanding about this topic.

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