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Globalisation by Ahmad Nuredy

Reflective Diary of Seminar on Current Affairs

Week 5 of lecture session was on Wednesday, 13th February 2013. At that time, Prof Afendras was giving lecture on globalisation. He told that globalisation affected in some aspects of our life, such as: technology, environment, culture, etc. Then, we needed to define what globalisation was. He also gave us a list of point in raising the children in every society. We needed to choose the tops five ways in our community to raise their children. Afterwards, we were given an article entitled “national culture.” Moreover, Prof Afendras also explained that globalisation made us strange to our origin place. For instance was the celebration of Taipusan in Malaysia. Taipusam was still celebrated in Malaysia while it was not practiced any more in india as the origin country of Taipusam.

In the tutorial, it was on 15th February 2013. We learnt about how to make a good reflective diary. This was what I wrote for this tutorial. I went to KFC near City Plaza in November 2012. I went there with three friends. we just went there to enjoy some foods. I ate a package of lunch chicken containing 3 chicken and 2 salads. Because I could not finish my food, I took away the food to the hostel. The environment at KFC was nice. There were some chairs inside and there was a playing arena in front of it. Some children played there while having their foods. I myself also enjoyed to be there because it was air conditioned and the decoration was nice.

In my opinion, the parties involved were government of Malaysia, particularly the government of Kedah state and the franchise as well. Besides that, the advertisements were also involved in this event, such as: TV station, newspapers, radio, and the other advertisement medias. The victims of that action were us as the consumers. The consumers were the victims because they would get the disadvantages of eating junk food. As we knew, junk food was not good for our health.

For the victimisers/gainers, the parties were the staffs, the franchisers and the government. The staffs gained benefit because they got salary. Then, the franchisers got benefit from the profit while the government gained money from taxes taken to build the building of KFC. Besides that, medias also gained some benefits because they got money from advertisements.

In my perspective, the appearance of KFC in Indonesia, particularly in Palembang, was because some people wanted to eat something in a stylish way. KFC served it by having a nice decoration and well placed. They were usually placed in a shopping area where it was air conditioned.

The present reason for this issue in economical side was consumerism. People would like to eat fast food because it was well known. So, there were many consumers who already enjoyed KFC. In social side, health was on of the reasons. They said that KFC was not so bad because the included some vegetables in the food. For the cultural side, junk food was at the moment a universal food which was consumed by many people.

However, there were some consequences of this issue. In consumerism side, people did not like to cook. They would prefer to eat fast food because it was easier for them. For the social side, particularly in health side, the consequence was clear. People would get a disease if the ate this kind of food regularly because junk food was not healthy for our body. For my personal experience, I liked KFC because it was delicious and it was easy to eat. I meant, we did not need to cook. We just needed to buy it.

My resolution regarding this issue was we needed to choose our food. It was okay to eat junk food. However, it was not good to always eat junk food due to many diseases that might we got in a long period. That was all my reflection for week 5.

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