Still we cover subject of globalization for both lecture and tutorial class this week. Actually, I do not know and get many points for writing reflective diary for now. It seems no sense for me to do it. However, I enjoyed the lecture class which I was showed a video of talking about top hot issues in the world. I could not watch the entire video but the first part that professor Avengelos showed in his lecture. The video discussed about ten biggest problems facing in the universe.

Besides that, I was required to list down five big problems that I thought it is important to be prior resolved. I listed down five issues I considered as the big in the universe nowadays. They are: shortage of fresh water, world peace, ozone layer is thinner, overpopulation, and unemployment. Every student has their own mind of global issues and there were so many ideas written by students during the lecture. In the video, they listed ten big problems and global warming is at the last list. One problem can cause many other ones as global warming has lots of influences that lead to flood, hot weather, ice freezing, famine, greenhouse effect, earthquake, tsunami, and also affect ozone layer to be thinner and thinner and more bad effects else.

To solve the problems we have to identify the impacts as well as the cost for resolutions. I realized that although global warming is a huge issue that the whole world should care most, it seems like people ignore and live together with effects of this problem. This ignorance may be due to its un-necessity and the cost of resolution is so high and need enormous amount of money and for those money people can pay and resolve for many other problems.

In my country, there are still many big issues that needed to be fast resolved so that the nation can get more improvements. Inlfation, corruption, unemplyment, illiteracy and many other problems which make the country develop in a slowness. In tutorial class I somehow can reflect shortly what in my mind about the subject. Starting class with a special activity formed by group, I was so excited to attain this week class. We were asked to divide into two groups and discuss among members to give as many as possible terms that are related to topic of ‘globalisation’ and ‘global warming’.

It sounded so debatable when we discuss whether accepting or reject an idea from the opponents. From this activity I got more ideas of understanding about globalization and global warming as there were terms that I had not been familiar with and got the explanation from my friends. At last minutes, my lecturer discuss with us about the panel discussion which will be on week 8 and 9 of tutorial class. As we divided into groups before for the class activity we will keep it for group work.


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