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For the first time in my life

Week 6 was the week when for the first time in my life I could evaluate to see which ethical framework I had been using to solve ethical dilemmas which I had encountered all my life. The lecture was presented by Mr. Jaime and after the case study that he presented to us, we were asked to decide what exactly was ethical with respect to our personal ethical framework and our own values. Only after this lecture I could really get the concept of ethical frameworks. As we all know there are five major ethical frameworks which include:

  1. Divine command framework

  2. Virtuous framework

  3. Deontology framework

  4. Utilitarian framework

  5. Relativist framework

All the above ethical frameworks are good and are very pertinent. I cannot base my judgments via fastidious ethical framework. However, most often than not; one is always prone to solve ethical dilemmas using a particular framework.  Also, some people may not or never use some frameworks. For instance, a deist (in Deism) will never solve his ethical dilemma using divine command; he will use some other frameworks because he does not concede the context.

Regardless of the fact that we have a particular framework that we use, we are likely to know all the ethical frameworks, as our framework will never be appropriate in every context that we find ourselves in. Looking at our University with a rich diversity of cultures a particular framework will not work here because certainly it is not going to solve a problem.

So we should be able to use the five crucial tools of reckoning to evaluate a particular situation and select the best ethical framework that is going to solve the dilemma in a universally cordial manner. Each framework has its own limitations as well as merits so using a particular framework is not going to solve the problem 100 percent but try to select the one that will have the best comparative value advantage.

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