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Five types of decision frameworks

Here, I would like to reflect on Ethics lecture on week 7. Week 7 was on Monday, February 25, 2013. At this time, we studied about ethical decision making framework. At first, Prof Afendras explained about panel discussion. He gave explanation on how panel discussion looked like and the flow of panel discussion. Then, Dr Faosiy told about the time of panel discussion. Panel discussion would be held at week 8 to week 10. Afterwards, Mr Jaime started the lecture about people’s ethical preferences on decision making.

Mr Jaime asked several question regarding this ethical decision making framework, such as: what is ethical in a different culture? What was your preferred ethical decision making framework? Give your own example on kinds of ethical frameworks.

There were 5 kinds of ethical decision making framework. They were relativist ethics, divine command ethics, utilitarian ethics, deontology ethics, and virtue ethics. Relativist ethics, it was an ethics where people followed the things which majority society did. Divine command ethics was an ethics where people followed what was written in their religion or holy book. Utilitarian ethics was an ethics where people saw something from the benefit side. They did something which had more benefit than the negative effects. Deontology ethics was an ethics where people would follow the rule as their ethics. Virtue ethics was an ethics where people would see the ethics from people’s position, no matter what that person did was right or wrong. If that particular person did it, it meant that thing was good or ethical.

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