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Five kinds of ethical frameworks

This reflective diary is about what we have learnt in week seven in ethics class. Mr. Jami teaches us in this week.  I like his elegance in teaching very much because he is active and move here and there and make the students active also, we learned in this week with him new topic which is about our thinking style and how we judge the things around us according to virtuous rules. According to what we studied this week we have five kind of ethics, first is relativize ethics, second is divine command ethics, third is utilitarian ethics, fourth is deontology ethics and five is virtue ethics. They are interesting and I will summary what is each one of this in simple words as I understand it.

Firstly, he divided this week into three parts; first part was about the explanation from Mr. Afendras about the panel discussion that we have it next week and after next week. Panel discussion was a new idea to me but after his the class it become an essay things to me. Then second part in this lecture was with Mr. Jami who teaches us the fine kind of ethical frameworks with an excellent way. First one is Relativize ethics is which means that the ethics is depend on the beliefs and the value of the community around you, this is related to the situation and how the people around you will do so we will do the same because here the rules of the society is the basics for the right and wrong.

Simple example about this kind is the Hijab for girls; I was wondering why sometimes some girls take off or wear Hijab. Actually this is because their thinking is from this kind so if the societies around them wearing or you need to wear it so they will wear it and vice versa. Second kind is Divine command ethics, in this kind we judge the right and wrong according to God’s law; according to our own religion. Here also we can apply the same example about Hijab if the women belong to this kind of thinking so she will wear it even if the society around her reject it because she has belief in her religion that this is the right thing.

Third one is Utilitarian ethics; the ethics in this kind depend on the consequences, result or the effects so anything is right or wrong according to its result, for example, the bomb in Japan and another one is the cheating in the class some students cheat and do not care if it is ethical or not because they follow the result and their ethics according to the result. Fourth kind is Deontology ethics; this kind is equal to the rules and the duty of obligation and this is almost according to the father, mother and family, so here they follow what the family consider ethical otherwise they will leave it. For example, Marriage; if the family said to their son marry this girls so he does not have any other choice; he has to marry her because his family said like this.

Fifth kind is virtue ethics; this is depends on the person’s character so if the person has a good character like a Shikh, prsit and teacher, if this person did something so some people will follow it without thinking about it because they believe that what those people do is the right thing because they are the best for them. For example, the teacher and the students, I think everyone of us heard from their young siblings or children saying “My teacher did this.” They believe that they have to follow what he/she did.

Finally, to justify our understanding he took two exam from us.  Before the lecture I got only 20% marks but one after we studied it and I got 100% because I understand them. In the tutorial, we just discussed about the panel discussion and the role of the moderator and each member of the panelist. This is all about the week seven from me.

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