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Finally this week, we have completed our class Introduction to Ethics. Starting from the first week until week twelve we were learning about this subject. Before I had no idea why I actually needed to learn this subject, there were many questions which came to my mind. It was the most useful subject that I have learned until now in AiU because this subject has help me to identify what I was lacking in my life, ethics taught me there is always a right way and a wrong way to live this life but at the end of the line it’s up to us to identify the one which is ethical and follow that way with trust in heart and believe in mind.

I want to say, learning ethics from week one until week twelve have improves my knowledge on most issues. For example secularism, ethics in Japan, Persian ethical thought and many more. The most interesting topic so far was the last 3 weeks of contemporary issues. Contemporary issues introduce me with many sensitive issues such as cloning, surrogacy, suicide and abortion.

The lecturers were all so cool handling this subject and they had a variety of styles which made this class more interesting like a food court where you can get Chinese, Indian, Korean, American, etc. food at the same centre similar to that we gained knowledge from all our different lecturers from different countries with each of their unique personality. They run the class in a smooth, standard manner by coming to class prepared with a smiling face. I give a big thank you and a handsome salute showing my respect to each and every lecturer.

“Thank you for your lesson on introduction to ethics.”

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