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Ethics of Sports (Week 5) – by Muhsinbek

This week we had no opportunity of having a lecture session on the subject. But, I should say that tutorial class was very interesting. We had to think about ethics in different aspects of our lives. We were divided into groups of three people and were given the opportunity of choosing from the list of fields written on the board. We as a group chose ethics of sport. It is understandable, because, one of my teammates was my former football teammate and the other one was a friend with whom I used to play ping pong. Below are my thoughts about the discussed issues in the class.

I personally think ethics of sports is fairly applicable in our everyday lives. One of the key ethical problems in sports is respect. Since, sports are mostly about challenge and confrontation, possibility of having disrespect is high. But in the end of the day sport is a healthy activity which promotes healthy lifestyle. That’s why, it is important to go beyond emotions and behave honorably. Moreover, keeping respect is one of the characteristics of professionalism. Another, worthy of emphasizing, ethical characteristic of a sportsman is patriotism. It is admired if sportsmen show their loyalty and devotion to their country. On the other hand, there are some actions that considered to be of inappropriate behaviors, such as cheating. Taking me as an example, I had an ethical dilemma involving cheating. During our football matches, I used to dive, fake my falling a lot. I was very skilled at this to the point that usually referees never noticed. My dilemma was the justification of my cheating. I believed that I was doing my best in order to help my team to be victorious. Later, I understood that by diving a lot I was spoiling my teams’ image. Another, disappointing thing about sport is occurrence of racism. Such sort of discrimination by color is not in accordance with ethical norms.

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