Ethics introduced

Here, I would like to reflect on lecture from week 1 to week 3. Week 1 was from 14th January 2013 to 18th January 2013. For me, my lecture schedule was on Monday at Lecture Theatre 1 (LT 1) and my tutorial lecturer was Mr Dr Ahamad Faousiy Ogunbado, but my lecturer now is Mr Jaime Alfredo Cabrera. My lecture schedule for week 1 was on 14th January 2013.

At week 1 in lecture session, we were given some articles. Then, we needed to comment on those articles from ethics side. The title of my article was “after a humiliating year, bank bonuses are sure to be negligible. Aren’t they?” Besides that, we needed to find the key ideas and the new words that we did not understand the meaning. For me, the articles were quite difficult to be understood. However, I tried to understand the main ideas of the articles given. Here were my key ideas: the bank employers need bonuses, even though there is crisis in the bank. Some terms in inflation. Save air transportation. From this material, I reflected that rich people were always trying to get benefits even though there was a crisis in their company. In my opinion, it was not good to only think about how to get profits without thinking about other people. How could they take profit from those people who were suffering because of their actions?

Week 2 of the lecture session was on Monday, 21st January 2013. Then, the tutorial session was on 24th January 2013. Both of them were holidays. The lecture session was at the same time with holiday of Birthday of Sultan Kedah and the tutorial session was at the same time with holiday of birthday of Prophet Muhammad. So, we did not have any class neither lecture nor tutorial. Because of that, I could not do reflection on that week.

Week 3 was on 28th January 2013 for the lecture session. We were given a piece of paper. Then, we needed to answer the questions given. However, before that, Mr Prof Evangelos Afendras was giving a story about his conversation when he met an old man on his way to petrol station. The old man was on his way to Albukhary Mosque. When he was about reaching the mosque, he greeted Mr Afendras and gave comment about AiU students. He said that the male students had long hair. Moreover, he said that the students were walking in couples. From here, I reflected that it was not ethical in Malaysia to have long hair for male and it was not ethical to walk together with female in couples. It might be a usual thing in other country to have such thing in the community. However, it was not here, in Malaysia.

For tutorial session, it was on 31st January 2013. I still studied with Mr Dr Ahamad Faousiy Ogunbado. However, there was a change of the schedule that I moved to Mr Jaime’s class. In tutorial session, Dr Faosiy told us how to make a reflective diary. He just continued on what we already studied in lecture session. He said that ethic varied to every country. It was like a culture. Every country had their ethics. Hence, one ethical thing might not be the same as the ethic in the other countries.

Hence, at week 3, I reflected that we needed to suit our self to the environment around us to be ethical. Ethic might be influenced by the culture of that particular country.


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