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Ethics in Healthcare

The fifth week with ethics, our lecturer did not talk too much. We, all of the students were supposed to take the main role in this session to analyse how ethics take place in a society. As I studied before, ethics is a tool of reasoning in making moral judgements to differentiate right from wrong that will have consequences whether harming or rewarding. As social beings, we usually do not realize that we have to involve ethics in decision making on daily life. In schools, any organizations, politics, business area, hospitals, sport fields and so on.

Before starting the discussion, our lecturer divided us into groups by giving a piece of paper for each student. Inside the paper, there were already written names of animals and we were supposed to sit with the one who got the same name. Each group had to choose one topic which was related to ethics in different aspects of life such as in business, organization, medical, sport, politics, media, internet and so on.

 My group mates and I as cat group chose ethics in healthcare. We needed to find bad and good activities that happen in medical and healthcare. Specifically, we decided to focus on doctors and practitioners role. In the beginning of the discussion, one of my friends said the good thing about doctors and practitioner was that they keep patient’s information. From his opinion, I agree that sometimes patients may be afraid of people and lose their self-confidence if others know about their sickness. On the other hand, as one of my classmate asked what if the sickness can put people in danger if doctors and practitioner do not tell everyone.

Based on his question, I realize that doctors and practitioners should read the situation. They better save the community rather than one a person while there is not only one way to save one patient. My group mate also tried to put respect as a crucial thing that practitioners or doctors must have because patients have the right to be treated with dignity and have right to either refuse or choose their treatment. I also proposed justice in healthcare. Practitioners and doctors should treat patient with fairness and equality without discrimination.

I personally think practitioners and doctors sometimes consider their patient based on their background, wealth and position. For example, practitioners treat the rich better than the poor just because the rich person can pay much money whereas poor person is unable to afford such payments. One more thing I added in our discussion was practitioners and doctors should put patient as their highest priority. Doctors and practitioners must be able to read the situation and consider the more important thing that they need to do. As practitioners, it has been their duty to give a priority to patient. I have experienced this in my life when I saw my neighbour, as a doctor he used to go to the hospital to do operation while his son cried asking him to go somewhere for holiday. It is one of example to show what practitioners and doctors should do.

In the end of discussion, we decided to choose the good things about are doctors/practitioners was keeping the information of patient secret and respect or treat them well. The bad things are where doctors and practitioners lie to the patient whereas he/she is not sure about the sickness but force to take some actions that will have negative consequences. The second bad thing is when doctors or practitioners sometimes do not know how to interact with the patient when the patient is in depression due to his illness. After the discussion one representative from each group were asked to present about their topic.

In conclusion, topics in this week help me to understand how ethics is so important in our life. I personally realize that ethics encourage me to be a better person and help me to be a good social being.

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