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Ethics Different Perspectives(week 4)- by Natri

Here is my reflection on Introduction to Ethics for week four. Philosophy, ethical thoughts in Ancient Greece and how humanity is going on nowadays were the topics of lecture session.

A compelling topic that seizes my attention was in the tutorial class. We studied about “Ethics Different Perspectives.” As social beings, humans have different appearances, thoughts, interest, beliefs and so on. In this class, politics and religion were emphasized as part of ethics, beliefs and morality to be learnt by students. Democracy, Marxism (socialism and communism), Capitalism are the terms that we usually hear many years ago until now in politics and ideologies. In the other hand, there are some new political words I found in this class, such as Thiruvallurarism and Chanakyanism. Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Confusianism, Judaism, indigenous religions and some new terms such as Lamaism, Zoroastrianism, Manicheism are examples that describe differences of beliefs. As a new person for some new terms, I was surprised with some ethical rules and ways in some religions and ideologies which are extremely different from mine. Of course every religion and ideology will aim goodness and peace, but different ways and strategies are used in order to achieve that goal. I personally chose Chanakyanism as the topic for this diary because I am interested and excited to know about Chanakyanism.

Chanakyanism or Arthastra is an honest acceptance of unethical element of human nature on 2300 years ago. The system applied is pragmatism which does not concentrate on any abstract moral values upon how people behave and what strategies work in actual practice. Word “chanakyanism” was taken from name of Indian politician Chanakya who was born in era of radical changes and massive political upheavals. It was an era which saw the invasion of India by Alexander the Great, destruction of the old political order by Nanda Empire, the rise of Buddhism and Jainism and conflict with Vedic religion and unprecedented rise of Chandragupta Maurya. Chanakya is well known for the fact that he was a cunning man by his speech, action and thought which will lead people to his way.

In my opinion, Chanakyanism is a reliable principle which has strict way for leading people but there are some of its thoughts which are not compatible to other ideologies and religions, especially mine. For example, inequality, it is written in the treatise of Chanakyanism that people are prohibited to make friends with who are above or below in the status. Education is only for upper class and for whomever from low class, intentionally or not in getting education there will be extreme punishment. In the other hand, some of ideologies and religions teach about equality, justice and honesty.

In conclusion, I want to say that, there are many differences among people in this world. Ideologies, politics and religions differ in many ways from one another, and that is the beauty of it. I, personally as a student in international community, am lucky to live and share with other students which have different beliefs and thoughts that make AIU beautiful. I realize and learn much new knowledge in this week that reflects me in viewing beauty of ethics in order to be better person.

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