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Ethical thinking style

In week 7, we had learnt about the ethical thinking style by Mr. Jaime. By learning this topic, we knew that what my ethical thinking style is what the ethical thinking style of UGP scholar is which I didn’t notice before. I didn’t aware before my ethical thinking style when I make decision.

Firstly, we initiated our lecturer by doing quiz how much we know about ethical framework. Frankly, I didn’t know much about it before. Then, Mr. Jaime did survey like what ethics mean to us. For me, ethics has to do with my religious beliefs and I realized my ethical thinking style which was Divine command. I belief that everything is ethical, if our God say it is good and allow it and not against my religious beliefs. Mr. Jamie gave three strengths of Divine command ethics: standards are from an authority that is higher than humans, so human has to obey, gives reasons why man should behave morally, give worth to all equally. I strongly believe that morality requires faith in God. For instance, telling lie is wrong because god command that telling lie is wrong. For me, God know everything what is right and what is wrong and only he can guide us. Therefore, it is better to obey God’s commands and this makes it easier for us to know what is morally required of us.

However, Mr. Jamie explained the week points of Divine Command ethics: can be arbitrary depending on interpretation, can be different depending on any different religious. Different religions give us different commands. For instance, I, Muslims do not eat pork, but Christians do. I, as a Muslims believe that God requires us to pray five times a day and Hindus believe that the cow is sacred and so on. Besides, sometimes, we interpret wrongly God’s command. Different people interpret differently. Therefore, there will be possibility for making wrong.

In conclusion, we ended our lessons by doing quiz again and this time, I got full marks since I understood the ethical framework very well. The entire framework has their strengths and weakness. We understood how to use ethical framework to examine ethical dilemma. In my opinion, it is better to think from every perspective instead of using only one ethical framework. Divine Command Theory is in itself insufficient to address ethical dilemma. There will be possibilities to fail when we address universality, fairness, and certainty of ethical behavior.

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