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Ethical Theories

This week, the lecture is about the philosophical concepts and Ancient Greece that ally the concepts of Greek philosophers; especially Socrates’s questioning strategy to sophists. Moreover, there are many famous philosophers of Greece mentioned in the class such as Plato, Aristotle, Hippocratic Oath, Diogenes and Alexandre and so forth.

From the lecture, it can be seen that to understand the ethical theories, first thing is understand more on the root and the creators of those concepts. There are disagreements and serious arguments among philosophers of how the concepts they made applied to different perspectives correctly. From that, what the lecture stressed on the questioning strategy of Socrates which holds several reasoning and questioning techniques that led opponent changed their perception and could not against his approach. In my viewpoint, Socrates’s questioning has strong argument and his rationales are difficult to deny with which make his opponents response by having different answers if he ask them more than one time, then the opponents add more ideas for clarity as they get more time to think about it, and they possibly change their answer and support Socrates.

It is very interesting part to learn and discover great tools used by philosophers from ancient time which I expect to understand more on their reasoning styles with aspiring to learn on how to question and give reasons to support my ideas as I am not effective in these things at all.

Furthermore, there is an interesting quote in the lecture presentation from Thrasymachus that “The just people are always loser”; it captured my attention to further realize what the exact meaning of his statement. In my opinion, I oppose this idea in the aspect of not following self-interest so that just people are not loser instead they are full of virtue and goodness to be considered on. Rather than betray their conscience and follow self-interests as unjust persons, however, thinking about integrity is their creditability as a knowledgeable person. Even though, it is somehow really hard to deny self-interest leads people to do wrong things against ethical practices, I believe in the valuation to just persons.

Overall, ethical concepts came from great philosophers that were born thousand years ago, yet their statements are very reflective to the current era and still become a difficult question to answer. One of the questions is “Can we say that humanity is progressing?” With the development of knowledge, some scientists seemed to have created weapon, chemical materials and harmful diseases that turn to become destructive to humanity. In addition, technological improvement, social media, modern equipment changes human to become dependent and ignorant to the consequences resulting from their activities. Absolutely, humanity in this current modern era is not progressing in the extent of well-being and security compares to the previous time.

Name: Srey Sokkanitha Mok                 ID: 209110210                     Lecture’s group: Tuesday

Chapter 1: Introduction of Ethics

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