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Ethical Frameworks

The time is passing by, and each and every day I get to learn something new from the lecturers from various nationalities. Ethical framework was a new topic I was introduced to. There are five ethical frameworks, and below I am going to elaborate briefly each one of them.

1. Relativist Framework In this framework, the decisions that we may take about a particular situation are according on what looks right or reasonable according to one’s belief. The right and wrong are based on social norms. No principles are universally valid; they are valid according to each culture or society.

2. Divine Command Framework Divine Command Framework is based on the belief that moral standards depend on God’s laws. It says that any anything that conforms to God’s law is right; anything that breaks God’s law is wrong.

3. Utilitarian Framework The right actions are those actions that produce the most benefits or usefulness (utility = usefulness). Each person’s happiness is equally important.

4. Deontology Framework Thus, deontology is the science of duty. Because rules bind us to our duty, deontology is described as a duty-, obligation-, or rule-based ethics. The Deontology framework says that moral rules and duty is most important.

5. Virtue Framework Virtue ethics is a theory or framework that says that the good character of the person who is acting is more important than rules, consequences, or the actions of that person. Sometimes in taking some ethical decisions, we think that it is right, but it may actually be the other way. In addition, identifying my ethical thinking style helps me in taking the correct decision. I know that if I take an ethical decision is based on the actual reference that I look back if I have to. I prefer the Divine Command framework, the religion because I have plenty of reference from it, and if it is under the God’s law, where the God says it is right or wrong, than for me it is to do so, because my knowledge in knowing whether it is ethical or not it is limited and God’s Knowledge is not limited.

I do not think that I will have any problems if my ethical thinking style is not the same as the others in my environment, because the divine thinking command is a style that teaches me how to interact in such situation so that it won’t lead to any problem.

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