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Ethical frameworks

Well, this is  the seventh week and the lecture was presented by Mr. Jaime. We had a lot of fun during the lecture. Not only that, Mr. Jaime was success to deliver the knowledge on ethical frameworks of ethical decisions. At the beginning of the session, we are asked to do some exercises. This is to know the student knowledge of those ethical frameworks.

I personally did not know about these ethical frameworks. I usually follow my personal perception and use some emotion while taking decisions while ethical decisions should be based on ethical frameworks, principles, or codes instead of on emotions, intuition, fixed policies, or precedents

There are five ethical frameworks that we can use in taking decision. However, it might not 100% solve the problem, but  it must be the best  way that you can use. The five ethical framework  are relativist, divine-command, utilitarian, deontology, and virtue.

Ethical relativism says that all ethical principles are valid according to each community or society. Each community or society might have different principles and belief. For example, South Seas Islanders practice cannibalism, while cannibalism is strictly prohibited in the USA.

Divine command ethic is based on the belief of God. It says that any act that conforms to law of God is right and any act that break God’s law is wrong. For example, Muslims consider pork as non-halal or unclean, but Buddhists and Christian eat it.

Utilitarianism framework says that action should be judge as right or wrong solely by the consequences. The right actions are those actions that produce the greatest balance of happiness over unhappiness.

In deontology framework, moral rules and duty is most important. The morality of an action is judge based on the action’s adherence to the rules. The last ethical framework is virtue. Virtue ethic says that the good character of the person who is acting is  more important than rules, consequences or the action of that person. In short, this framework focuses more on person’s character.

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