Ethical Framework

Ethical Framework was our next session’s topic. We started with the explanations with relativist ethics means what looks right, according to one’s own belief, right or wrong depends on  particular individual and the culture as well. Then, divine command ethics it’s about the commandment of god and faiths in spirituality. Later on, utilitarian ethics, which is ethics about result, effect, consequences based on result, benefit. Next, deontology ethics, following rules, is a duty or obligatory rules, where duty is most important. Adherence to rules comes as an autonomy. Lastly, virtue ethics, depends on the person’s character, where morality becomes more important than earthly gain.

Then we move to quiz and the ethical framework survey. For the tutorial class, we had discussed  on how to make a good of panel discussion  for the next week coming .he explain the rule of panel discussion  and divided the group  in each group has five persons like one moderator and the rest is panelist . First of all he mention about the introduction of the topic which chosen by the students and the member as well, time management is really important for each student to talk because per student has time only five minutes to convince the audience or to give the information to them as much as  manageable in the limited time. Than conclusion or synthesis by moderator after finished the panel discussion on the topic that has chosen by us.


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