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Ethical Frame Works

During our week seven class, Mr. Jaimy Alferdo gave us a lecture on ‘Ethical frame work’. Week seven topic is completely new for me but after learning about all these five ethical frame work I can say that I am much clearer about the ethical values. Based on this lecture there are five ethical frame work such as; Relativist Ethics, Divine Command Ethics, Utilitarian Ethics, virtue Ethics and Deontology Ethics.

We may or may not recognize all these Ethical frame works while making any decision in our daily life. I personally never learnt about these ethical frame works and never recognize what type of ethical frame work I am using while taking any decision. I normally used to follow what is right and what is wrong also with some emotion while making decision.

However, after this lecture I learnt that it is necessary to know which Ethical frame work is using  by our self and also by others while performing any activities and decision to make the task easier and clearer. According to the lecture Relative Ethics is an ethical frame work that depends on belief and situation of society.  Similarly, Divine Command Ethics is an ethical frame work based on the belief that moral standard depends on God’s law. For an example I am trying my best to do good Karma hoping for good and better result in future all though we are not sure about future; it is so because we believe in God and we made a decision that if you do good Karma you will definitely achieve good result in future.

Talking about Virtue Ethics, it depends on a character of person and how well he takes the decision. Eventually, Utilitarian Ethics judged on right and wrong based on result.  Lastly Deontology Ethics depends on manmade rules and law. For an example when a cop arrest culprits is deontology ethics because it is the law of every nation that culprits should be arrested.

Therefore, in order to make life more comfortable and more ethical we need to balance it with the proper implementation of entire ethical framework in our daily life.

Week 7

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