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Ethical dilemmas

The conversation of week 8 of ethics was about ethical dilemmas. Our honorable teacher Mr. Jami had stated some ethical dilemmas during the class time and he had also made some ideas about how to face and resolve the ethical dilemmas. On the basis of his lecture now I am writing a reflective dairy about ethical dilemmas. Ethical dilemmas are also known as moral dilemmas. Ethical dilemmas are situations in which people get confused because there are two choices and neither of this ethically resolves of these situations. In other words, an ethical dilemma is any situation in which guiding moral principles cannot determine which course of action is right or wrong.

In general, ethical dilemmas are three types’ moral dilemmas, professional dilemmas and business dilemmas. Moral dilemmas arises when people have a moral obligation to do the right thing in society but face a certain conflict, professional dilemmas arises in work place some it may create violence within the organization. And business dilemmas arises in terms of taking business decision, for example whether the decision brings profit or makes loss.

I have an experience of facing an ethical dilemma. After a few years ago when I was in my country on that time one of my maternal uncle had a car. I used to drive the car and also still like to drive the car because it gives me day when I was driving the car with my younger brother in order to go my other uncle house. When we were crossing a highway suddenly a boy came in front of my car and on that the speed of the car was 90-100 km per hour. I didn’t understand what should do on that time because if I suddenly stopped the car my brother and I would be injured and even die and if I didn’t stop the car the boy would be injured or die. But without considering anymore I stopped the car and I and my younger brother got was one of the most difficult moment in my life. I don’t know it was ethical on that time or not.

However, Philosophers use two main approaches to solve ethical dilemmas. The constitutionalism and gerontological approach, according to University of Colorado at Boulder. The constitutionalism belief requires the agent to evaluate the possible outcomes such as who will benefit the most and if anyone will be harmed, and choose the most beneficial outcome regardless of its morality. The deontological approach assesses each decision based on its does not evaluate benefit rather it gives priority to the honesty and morality. Another important thing is that all the religions of the world can be the way of solve the ethical problem. And dilemmas. In every problem of life can be solved by following instruction of specific religion.

At last we can say that an ethical dilemma is a situation that presents a conflict between socially accepted principles of what is right and wrong and the consequences of actions. For example, you may have a negative outcome if you act in accordance with recognized principles. On the other hand, you could have a good outcome by leaving those principles. Above all, we are the human beings and generally we face different types of ethical dilemmas in our life but during the time of facing ethical dilemmas our ethical decisions should be effective so that we can bring positive outcome.

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