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Ethical Dilemmas

Today I got some new experiences and food for thought about ethical situation. During this lecture session lecturer focuses on reflective diary writing. So we learnt about the purpose and way of writing an effective journal. The diary can be short or lengthy but the thing is that we should write the most effective words that will be helpful for the readers to get the clear ideas. Clarification is another efficient element of writing that we should focus on; we should reflect our knowledge by using critical process of thinking. For example we should explain what we understand or what kind of inner meaning have of that specific topic. Subsequently we did one activity that is writing some questions about my ethical situation in AIU and in my home country as well. There also asked the ethical situation of my parents and what is encouraging me to do any things that are related with values. However I try to answer those questions honestly. This activity helps me to remember some of my good deeds that I did in my past life. From my past experiences I used to writing diary in Bangli language. So I have some experience on journal writing.

During the tutorial session, lecturer gave us the opportunity to talk about our own ethical situation. Specially all of us talked about our own ethical situation, the most common situation that we discussed about is religious vs. secular study. Some of my friends’ talked in favour of secular study and some of them talked against the secular study. Before discussing about those issues we can take a look on some general questions for better understanding. 1. So what secular and religious studies are? 2. What the difference between secular and religious study? 3. What are the exceptional aspects of both of those studies? 4. What kind of studies should we choose? 5. Are there any rules or limitation in religious books on studying secularism?

As a Muslim student I will give very explanations of religious study as Islamic study. So from a short but main concept of Islam is the system of “Ibadah” (worship) and “Shari’ah” (legislation), but the secularism means denial of Divine guidance and a rejection of Allah’s orders. It claims that “Shari`ah” is not proper to the requirements of the present age because it based on belief that Allah created us but Allah never interfere on humans work or he does not know anything about human’s affairs. I think those concepts are the main difference of both studies and main exceptional aspects. So now what kind of restrictions has for studying secularism as a Muslim? As we know that the acceptance of a legislation formulated by humans means a preference of the humans’ limited knowledge to the Divine guidance because Allah confirmed “Say! Do you know better than Allah?” (Al-Baqarah 2: 140). So now I little bit confused about the secular study and the big question on mind is: a.Should Muslim people accept secularism?

Overall, in this week session (lecture and tutorial) the most mentionable event was that moment when I was writing my past experiences as well as the most ethical situation of my parents, I felt something inside my heart and I think the feeling is the realization of my purpose of doing good things. If I do work for the people, I feel a kind of satisfaction that helps me to lead a satisfied life. I have noticed some negative aspects of lecture session that I don’t like. For example, sometimes Mr Jaime looks so serious that is boring. There were no interesting activities on that particular class session. There should be some interesting and practical activities; it also can be mind games among different groups on different kinds of ethical issues to make it exciting during two hour class session. In this process we might learn very efficiently. One more thing is that our lecturers look as they might not sure about their future plan or what to do. Some questions that arise on my mind are:

1.Why all of our lecturers do not participate equally? 2.Do our lecturers have any future plan about how they are going to assess us? If yes why they don’t share their plan? 3.Why all, we get our assessment so late, for example in week three?

Overall having learned I now have gotten more idea about the ethical situation that it is a kind of moments or difficulties, when we can’t decide what to do and how to overcome this situation. Additionally, in this very short period of time I travelled through my past memories in my life which might help me to think more about the ethical issues that happening around. I have improved my understanding of ethical situation and the way of overcome it although the improvement might be insufficient but it is an entrance to go ahead.

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