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Ethical dilemma – which one to choose?

This week topic was all about the ethical dilemma which is happening around us in everyday situation. As far as I understand what the ethical dilemma is that in one situation, we have to choose one out of two options to decide what the better way for that situation is. Based on that broad topic, we have given a lot of scenario and we have to make our own decision to choose the better way for the situation. Today’s first slide what eye catching, since there was written “You say: I would never touch a weapon to kill another human being. Your friend says: But if you can save a hundred innocent children’s lives by picking up a gun to kill one deranged and evil person, would you shoot to kill?” This was an important issue to talk about. Since nowadays there are a lot of cases like this and when it come to this kind of situation people get confused in order what to do. However, I still didn’t get the answer for that, but I think it is better to shoot and take one life rather than letting the one life taking hundreds of lives if that person is a bad guy. But on the other hand I think what if that person is also innocent, and that group of people is bad, what will happen then. I am sure I will choose a person who is innocent because that person does not need to sacrifice his/her life to save others life.

The lecture continued and the next slide was on “Why is this lecture useful? There were and are so many answers for that. Since nowadays the technology is improving in a very high speed and people are becoming even lazier they want to do everything online out of the homes. But it is not right in my opinion. Why? Because, when the students study together they become close to each other this can help remove hate or violence for our societies and educationally it is good because the students will work harder in order to compete the each other, if it is based online and everyone study out of internet, I do not think there will be any kind of motivation.

To write about thee reflection for this week, we were given one scenario that is “3 of your loved ones are captives of war and you are forced to choose which one will die. If you do not choose one, all three will be killed. What will you do?” When I see that scenario, I have got a bit shock because I really have no idea which one to choose in that situation. The three people must also be my loved ones, so let’s assume that one is my father, another one is my mother and the third one is my elder brother. This is actually a tough time for me to let anyone of them die because I cannot lose anyone of them in my life. However, if I do not have any option, I have to choose one to let die. I will choose my elder brother to sacrifice his life for the sake of other two people to be alive. The reason is not because of I do not like my brother, but it will be the best way for this situation. If one of my parents dies, it will be surely badly affect the other family members since we are having more than two sub lings. Rather than that my parents are the one who give birth to me and I cannot easily let any of them go. So, I hope it will be the best solution to solve this problem.

As conclusion, today’s class thought me to be very careful when it comes to decision making such as in order saving hundreds of lives it is valuable to take one life but we have to be sure about although I won’t be able to do so, but this is ethical to do so. And when it comes to a learning environment we better physically get involve in order to create and use variety of communication skills and strategies which can help us act ethically in real life.

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