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Ethical Dilemma: Out of three loved ones whom should i kill?

 Three of your loved ones are captives of war You’re forced to choose which one will die If you do not choose all three of them will be killed What will you do?

Reflect on this ethical situation and explain who and why you chose to kill.

Assuming that I was happily living with my Auntie, Uncle and my sweetheart Nikey and all four of us lived happily under the same roof. And one day our beautiful world turns upside down due to the on-going war. If my three loved ones were captured and I was told to sacrifice one of them I would sadly sacrifice Nikey to save my two other loved ones.

The reason why I chose to save my uncle and aunt is because blood is thicker than water. Nikey, my dog, deserves to be saved too because he is a loved one too but if there is no other way then i would have to give him up and since a dog is man’s best friend he will probably understand that i sacrificed him for the greater good. I mean that’s what dogs do, right? They always have our back whenever we need security that’s why we have them to guard our homes. Saving Nikey would mean losing either my aunt or uncle. Worse of all not sacrificing any of them would mean losing them all and that would really hurt a lot more than losing Nikey.

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