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Ethical Decision Making Frameworks

This week we had fun moments with Mr. Jaime in the lecture class. He is always a unit lecture among all in terms of teaching methods, the way he gives exercise to students, and he is good at technological designing lecture. This week we were mainly taught about ethical decision making frameworks. We first had a short quiz before starting information about the new lecture for this week. It was a check of knowledge that whether students know or understand these ethical frameworks or not then the lecture was proceeding to the new lesson. We were introduced five different types of ethical frameworks. Honestly, I really enjoyed this class since it helped me understand more about ethical aspects.

Mr. Jaime gave us general knowledge about five types of ethical frameworks which are relativist, divine-command, utilitarian, deontology, and virtue. For each kind of framework the lecture provided us an example that clearly shows characteristic of its and he gave us understandings about ethical frameworks’ strengths and weaknesses as well.

Relativist ethics is something that depends on the situation if we consider it is right or wrong then it is and this type of ethical framework relates to the society or community we live in. Whereas the divine-command type is the belief that moral standards follow and depend on God’s laws, that means anything which obeys God’s laws is right or break God’s rules is wrong and this framework more concerns on religious aspects.

The third category of ethical framework is called as utilitarian. It is stated that anything is considered as ethical if its effects, results, or consequences are good and beneficial. Besides that, we also have deontology ethics which always follow rules, obligations. And the last type is virtue ethical framework which depends much on a person’s character.

At the times of break, the Mr. Jaime showed us some significant sentences which made fun and gave us some lesson for life. At the last classes, Mr. Jaime ended the lecture with the same quiz as starting the class and I could understand that he may test us whether we get knowledge and understandings of his lecture or not through choosing the right options which is about the true example of each type of ethical framework.

Through the lecture and the quiz I got deeply understanding about ethical framework and I could be clear that I am belongs to the divine-command model.

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