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Ethical Decision Making Frameworks

In this reflection I would like to share with you my ethical decision making style. For this week (5) Mr. Jaime was the lecturer, I am sure that every one of us interested the way he presented the lecture, his examples, jokes and his visual language. For my view he made for us clear what ethics is whole about. He went through ethical decision making frameworks including, Relativism, Devine Command, Utilitarian, Deontology, and lastly virtue ethics which are the basics of ethics.

As our fingers are not the same people also have their different chooses and preference decision making styles. One my bases his decisions in his religion, or abides the rules of his country, while others are highly depend on their culture and society. According to Mr. Jaime’s definition, Divine command style is based on the belief that moral standards depend on God’s laws. It goes that, anything that confirms to God’s law is right and anything that breaks God’s law is wrong. In this ethical frame work, God has the absolute authority, and all humans have to accept and respond to god’s revelations of what is right and what is wrong.

In my view, this frame work provides significant advantages to the community; there is a white and black for every ethical dilemma. According to this frame work we can easily know whether something is right or wrong referring your beliefs to reach a conclusion. In addition to that it gives us reasons why things happen, it states that some things do not happen because God prohibits them from happening and those that happen it is because God has permitted them to happen. Not surprisingly, different religions of this world hold varying opinions as to exactly what constitutes the commands of God. But, the questions is, is it possible that religion covers every single issue that is happening on this word? It depends, I know my religion, I will not say anything about others therefore, in my religion (Islam) everything has been clarified and mentioned in the Holy Quran and Sunnah and the Muslim human being is needed to abide it. Nothing was left, even how to enter the toilet was cited. One more thing worth to mention, Mr. Jaime stated that one of the weakness of the Divine Command Framework is that “it can be arbitrary depending on human’s interpretation” it happens, however, depending upon what your religion belief fall under, your point of view can be vary comparing to others when it comes to take decision, but Allah (God) is the one who tells us right from wrong. Surely, this ends in the result of accountability for everyone.

Last, I believe that morality depends on religion due to the fact that without a supernatural power, it is impossible for human beings to have ethical doctrines.

Week 5

Venue: lecture theater 1

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