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Ethical Decision Making Framework

Ethical decision making framework is a very useful tool to solve dilemmas and problems. This five ethical decision making framework can be practiced anywhere and in any situations. The five frame work is relativist, divine command, utilitarian, denotology and virtue.

Firstly, relativist it means this decision making framework can be used, but it depends on the situation. For example, supposedly, the situation is, a student performs very well in his others courses but his performance in ethics is very low. In this situation what decisions should be taken by lecture and student. Relativist decision making frame will solve these kind of problems ethically.

Secondly, divine command is determine by gods law. This ethical making framework is mostly followed by the religious people. They make decision according to what their lord has command or their holy book. Moreover, utilitarian framework depends on the consequences, for example, if someone has done something and its consequences is harmful, this frame work helps to solve the problem. Deontology is depends on the rules. For example in organization there are some rules which is not meant to be broken at all times, yet someone has broken. Last but not the least, virtue it depends on the persons character for example if a friend did harm to another friend will this friend willing to forgive or just finish the relationship.

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