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Ethical Class_Closing Ceremony

Monday 1st April 4, 2013 at Lecture Theater, all the students of the Monday group ethical class and ethical lecturers met to celebrate the closing ceremony for our ethical class in which this closing was organized by Mr. Jonh Britto. The flow of activities on that day was going very well, I enjoyed a lot of with the funny and serious videos that described relatively to the ethics, the discussion of issue, and the giving the feed backs as well as comments from the lectures related to those videos. Joining in this last class was not only enjoyable memory but going through each minute in this closing class, I myself have learnt from it and it brought me to think about new things that I have never thought about it before.

The first video filmed about bad things and good things; this video was the funniest one among the six. The content of the video itself showed about simple things that easily to distinguish between what is good and what is bad. Anyway, if we talk about the real life situation, the bad and the good sometimes, we might not be able to differentiate since the real scenario of life there is a lot of constrain around the us that make difficult to evaluate one act whether it is right or not.

The second video which was the serious one for me among the six filmed about the one guy who has to make decision on who should live and who should die circumstance. He has to choose who should sacrificed among a driver,  a old man with a young grandchild, a boy and himself. At the end, he chose to die in order to survive others. One question appeared in my mind: if I were in that situation, what would be my decision? Would I be able to do as that man did ? The question is very difficult to answer. I am not sure whether I can do as a man did or not. But what I am sure about myself is  seeing others are going to die in front of me, and let them die even I have I a chance to help them, it is something that is terrible I would regret entire of my life. Anyway, I think that we as human should do only the thing that benefit for ourselves and others but if in the situation that requires one should be sacrificed; we ourselves is the one who should do that. It is not always that in other to help others we have to sacrifice ourselves but if it is the only one way to others survive. We should do that.

The third video which showed about the starting relationship between a couple was interesting and funny. Related to the relationship between a man and a woman, I think in order to maintain it both side has real love, dignity, honest, forgiveness, understanding each others. And when there is a problem occurs, the communication is very important. Each side should talk in the calm manner, and show to the other side that he or she wants to keep good relationship.

The fourth video was about is it ethical for Africa to receive the aid from international. Since parts of Africa are still poor, its people need aid. But it is not the aid that giving because of wanting something that has more value in money more than the aid. It is not the aid that giving to African to make them worse. Africa needs the aid that really helps them to come out from the poverty.  Africa should stop to receive the aids that make them worse.

The last video was about a man who is extremely thirsty, who really need water to drink. And at almost the end of the show, the man asked water to drink from a woman who has a bottle of mineral water. That woman rejected to help the man and said that water is for her dog. Finally, she herself was placed in dry desert and her mineral water became sand. This video indicated about person who does not have compassion to other human was suffered from her act. As human, we live in the world together. We should help others when they need as possible as we can.

As conclusion, as the end of week 11 as well as the end of the whole trimester of ethical class, I have enjoyed with the class. I have learnt about different ethic of different part of the world, ethic in different religion, ethic in different issue and so on. All of these new learning help me to open my mind to think open mindedly, to evaluate the ethical issue by not using only my own ethic that adopted by my culture, to help to come out from the one condition that in my country people say that you are a person who like a frog in the pond, a frog does not know how big the sea is.


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