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Effect of Globalisation by Mohomath Imthath

The modern society trained us to live western life. In every aspect we like to follow western culture and behaviors. On this way we are trying to follow fast and Jung foods. Media and other communication made a very big effort to make our mind; what they thought. We all are well known about KFC, Pizza hut, Marry Brown and so on. Just we are going there, paying money and eating whatever we want. Behind this so many parties are involved in that. The government issues the license for them (the companies), local person or organizations that were bought franchise ownership; media takes a very big role in advertisement and one of the main part take by customers also. Some of them are participating indirectly for these multinational companies. They are suppliers, land lords who have given them place and so on. These large multi-national companies; they are very attractive for the people. Therefore, they capture large percentage of market. Day by day the percentage is increasing very fast. Other side because of these companies traditional shop owners, small traders and farmers has been effected every day. Not only that the customers who are buying these foods, they are losing their health. This companies not only a problem for single person. It has been making so many economic, cultural, environmental, educational, and health issues. More than two third of money going back to the owners of these companies. National income is scaring by multinational companies. These Jung foods cause so many health problems, such as heart attack, cancer and overweight. These organizations destroyed the Asian culture and feed the western culture. The people who are involved in these organizations, they are justifying them self by these things. First its help to increase the foreign income, tourism and job opportunities. Second we cannot avoid these things in globalized world. We have some ethical responsibilities for our that we have to control these companies, encourage the people to follow their culture, government encourage to take up the traditional traders and media encourage to follow their beliefs, culture and values. Modern globalized world we cannot avoid all these companies in one or two days. Because every nation depend on other countries. In one way it makes good for the people. Other side some harmful issues also. Government, public and other try to reduce bad and encourage the good things of that. This will help to develop the country.

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