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Divorce, Torture, Corruption & Plagiarism

Week 11 lecture was based on various ethical issues such as: divorce, torture, corruption and plagiarism. These are some major problems that communities face all around the world; thus, having to discuss them in class was interesting.

Firstly, corruption has been malady in our society today. Corruption is the result of human greed. Human being wants to increase its wealth a day after another. I mean people cheat, lie and steal for the sake of their individual interest. The worst thing about corruption is when it gets severe in a country it becomes a mind set for the people.

Secondly, torture is one of the consequences of dictatorship. I grew being told how the first socialist regime of my country had oppressed and tortured the people. Fear of the power is the only reason dictators do such atrocity to people. They want people to bow, they want them to crawl like dogs at their present. Why do we need fear, when we can have peace? What every leader needs to know is that: it is possible to fool some people sometime, but it is impossible to fool all the people all the time. One day the people will stand up for their right, Bob Marley once said.

To sum up, I believe my generation, the one of patriots educated people, has clear understanding of the maladies in our society. We shall go back in our nation to crush down the building of corruption and terror and to construct new ones of honesty, integrity, democracy and peace.

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