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Divorce is even worse when there are children involved

This lecture was also given to us by Mr.Faosiy. The lecture took place in lecture theatre 1. The students like any other looked enthusiastic because they enjoyed the contemporary issues more than other lectures, just an observation I made. On this week also the lecture was about contemporary issues such as divorce, humanitarian intervention, corruption and torture. These also like the other issues raise questions about whether they are ethical or not ethical.

Divorce takes place when two married couple legally separate and break their so that they can move on with their lives separately. Divorce could be caused by many things such as dishonesty, lack of tolerance, unfaithfulness, lack of content, sometimes polygamy and many other reasons. Divorce, in my opinion is unethical because it breaks not only the relationship of the married couple but also the relationship of the two families of the couple.

According to Islam, my religion, two married people should not rush to divorce. They should solve their problems in different ways and never by divorce because Allah does not like divorce. Divorce is even worse when there are children involved. This will raise the question of which parent will take the children. Divorce is not only good for the parent’s psychology but also the children. It could put these children in to stress for losing either one of their parents depending on who they go with. in some situation the children end up being left by both parents and they might end up in foster homes or orphanages which again could mess with the children’s psychology.

In conclusion, I learnt a lot from this lecture and am glad that these topics were included in the ethics teaching material. These issues are important as they happen every now and then around us.

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