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Disappearance of traditional food

  1. During Chinese New Year my relatives came to Malaysia, I had to bring them to places where they can have some nice time. Well, I brought them to Langkawi. The first thing to struggle was to find a hotel with the free room for them, because it was Chinese New Year and all rooms were reserved. After finding a room, they needed a quick dinner, so I went to McDonalds. At that time it was crowded and I had to wait approximately 15-20 minutes for my queue. We do not have McDonalds in Uzbekistan, but my relatives liked it as we like burgers.

  2. Usually, KFC or McDonalds is setup under being franchised. Advertisement is the best way to make it globalized. Government taxations also affect in terms of prizing.

  3. McDonalds is a great threat for some parties such as:

–          People’s health

–          Traditional food

As we know, that McDonalds is a junk food and it harms our health by producing more fat, cholesterol in our body. The majority of society want tasty and quick made food which reduces the demand for the local traditional food.

  1. Wherever the McDonalds is, it is a winner in food industry, but the local food in restaurants is being looser. McDonalds is a gainer in terms of profit, because it is an American brand well-advertised my media. People follow advertised product, but traditional foods are not advertised as much as McDonalds.

7. Personally, I like McDonalds, because it is fast, tasty and the price is tolerable. I started consuming McDonalds and KFC when I was abroad for the first time in Indonesia, because at that time I could not eat spicy foods, so I got addicted to it. But, before I have never eaten it, because our local Uzbek foods are away tastier than McDonalds, KFC or any other kinds of fast foods.

9. Nowadays, junk foods like McDonalds or KFC are already globalized. Wherever you go, travel, study or live you can easily find these two brands. If, these kinds of junk foods are being globalized more and more, the consequences will be as follows,

– Disappearance of traditional foods;

– Increase in the rate of people who got obesity;

As we know, if the demand is higher for junk food than the traditional food, the disappearance of traditional food will occur. Too much of consuming junk food will lead to obesity which will shorten our lives. And it is a high risk for the population.

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