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Different ethical framework

It was an attention-grabbing week for introduction to ethics. As far as I am concerned this week’s lecture was a real hit, if I had to rate it out of 5 I would give this lecture 4.5. I am sure this lecture got everyone’s attention, although the content was not very interesting but the lecturer Mr. Jamie had enough charisma to present it in a way that everyone would understand, follow and enjoy studying at the same time. The last session covered the different types of ethics such as Relativist, Divine command, Deontologist, Virtue, Utilitarian etc. I want to describe two of my preferred ethics which are Relativist and Virtue ethics.

Some of the examples given by Mr. Jamie to help us differentiate and understand more on the types of ethical frame work was like When you marry a girl your mom and everyone else likes even you don’t know her you will marry her for your family. For the second ethical framework the example was if a girl who used to wear hijab but does not, because in her surrounding or society no one wears it.

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