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DEMOCRACY by Hamdun Mohammed

Democracy means rule of the people. It is whereby citizens are expected to participate equally either directly or through representatives. It is also considered as majority wins because when there are free elections, the majority who wins become leaders of the country. Even when it comes to decision making in the Parliament the majority wins whether they are agree on certain issues or not.

Nowadays, leaders have changed the system of democracy. They have mixed democracy with Monarchy. Once a politician becomes a leader of the country, he takes advantage of his position to do anything he wants without following required procedures. Whenever a country practices democracy, corruption is beside it. This is because the leaders consume a lot of the country’s wealth while the civil servants are paid less. Civil servants take the bribe from the citizens while the citizen’s take bribe from politicians during campaigns and elections.

There is no country that practices democracy since the citizens are not given the chance in decision making. Most leaders are dictators. That’s why you find several revolutions around the world or some parts of a country want to form their own country. Citizens vote for representatives and they depend on them in everything but the representatives do nothing for their people. They do not improve their lives. In fact, they like it when their people suffer so that they can take advantage of their sufferings during campaigns.

Democracy was expected to be best system than Monarchy but I think countries that are ruled under Monarchy have a happy life. In my home country, that’s Kenya, we say that politics is an evil game because democracy played a big role in making politics to look evil. The citizens do not trust anyone. Each country that is at war is governed via democracy. Its either the leader is a dictator or the leader favours some people and oppresses other people.

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