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Democracy around the world

For this week we are learning about democracy in the world. Today, I know several system of governance around the world which is monarchy, oligarchy, dictatorship, theocracy, aristocracy and democracy. But there are many countries around the world using democracy system. Democracy system is form of government in which an eligible citizen have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives and democracy also allows their citizen to participate equally. The citizens are fully involved in democracy system. They have their right to choose their leader and doing what they want. There are some elements of democracy which are political system for choosing and replacing involve free and fair elections, protection of human rights of all citizens, active participation of the people, a rule of law and multiparty elections. In political system of democracy, people choose their leader and hold their leaders uncountable for their policies and their conduct, the government based on the consent of governed, power flows from the people to the leaders of government, who hold power only for a fixed duration and law and policies required majority support but right of minority are protected.

As the lecturer mention in lecture class, democracy today’s are not same as democracy before. Why? In actual words, democracy is allows its eligible citizen participate equally in order to choose their leader. The election will base on majority votes from citizen. Today’s democracy, the citizens have their right to choose their leader but they votes influenced by a particular person who are involve in the election.  It means here, the voters do not take an interest as a spirit of duty as democracy requires them to do, it happened because the person who are involved in the election are using corruption to make sure that he got the majority votes from the citizen to win in the election. It is something like they are forced by someone for that person self-interest. So, people or citizen do not have the opportunity to choose their leader even they are living the democracy country.

In the other hand, democracy system also will cause misuse of public fund and time. Why it happen? It happens because the government uses a lot of money and waste time during the election. They are using money for give to the people and we can consider it as corruption. This is because they give the money just near the election due to get the vote. For example, in my place, when near the Election Day, people will build a temporary quarter for campaign. The government or opposition party will give a certain amount of money to the leader at that place and they will use the money for cooking at that quarter until Election Day. And of course the residents will eat free on that period of time. By doing that, government or opposition party hope people will vote for them but some people just take it as advantages for them to get the money. Actually, they will betray the party.

As a conclusion, I think that, democracy today’s are not efficient. We can see our leaders using corruption because of want vote from people. And one more, we do not know whether our leaders have credibility to guide the citizen and develop the country. They have money, and then they can do whatever they want even they do not have intelligence and responsibility. So, I think democracy is not always good if because people or citizens have right to say but sometimes people were exploited by the party itself. Can we say that democracy system today’s are dictatorship??

Week 7

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