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Democracy. This term I ever heard since primary school in one of my subject. But, the term again role in my mind when it related in Current Affairs, actually I cannot run because Malaysia also one of the country who has practices democracy since got independence from British. In this week, we discussed democracy not for political sight only but included economic and social point.

Honestly, there many interesting point and view from that lecture but I do not pay attention because so sleepy. What I can said here, democracy is where people have their own power to select or choose and hold their leader accountable for their policies and their conduct. So, my view is as Malaysian, I can decided who will become the leader based on the election.

Furthermore, this element of democracy need everyone to know also so, can remove any unsatisfied: the choosing of leader based on majority support, choosing and replace government through free and fair elections, government hold power only for a fixed duration, and rights of minority also are protected. From here, I totally agreed with this element but there always have any tricks between government and other parties in order to win majority support so, in this view I am not interested.

In order to make us understand more, my lecturer also take us back to past several centuries to show how democracy began. So interesting but boring too because it’s complicated to understand.

What is wrong with today’s Democracy? Possible better alternatives? Like I mentioned just now, there will have many tricks in order to get majority support like corruption for example. This is now Democracy not like the previous Democracy. I hope next Democracy there will no corruption or other tricks so the people will have back free and fair elections.

Next session, we have special guest to present about Orang Asli in Malaysia and he totally good in explained about Orang Asli. Maybe because of his long time experience with Orang Asli. From that presentation, I realize that there have many population of Orang Asli in Malaysia and the best part Orang Asli nowadays did not lives in deep forest anymore. But they lived at border between forest and outside world. I can see Orang Asli now already changed their lifestyle in order to make their life better in line with the advanced of technology in develop country like Malaysia. I believe in future, there will no more Orang Asli stay in jungle and practiced themselves to stay in city.

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