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Last week we combined two lessons of topic conflict since we had missed one lecture before. Besides that, there was no tutorial class last week my reflection is therefore based on what I have learnt in the lecture class. Everyone is different from one another such as in character, thoughts, belief, ideas and so on. That is the reason why conflicts happen around the universe. Conflict is derived from the Latin word “Confligree”. Conflicts are from parties which are always active together with them.

Conflict can occur among individuals or nations or even international organizations and when there are alters in opinions and ideas. It is not an easy work to identify a particular party in a conflict and each of party is a threat to other and acting violently against other. Also, there are variety types of conflicts that are happening around the world such as intral-state which is formed between government and a civil organized group, second type of conflict is inter-state which is between two governments. More than that, there is non-state one that happens between two organized groups as well as conflicts in terms of political, social-cultural, etho-political, economic, territorial, ethnical, and religious aspects. Each type of conflicts adheres to its own characteristics and contends.

After the main topic of conflict in the first session, we continued to know more deeply about religious conflict as well as terrorism one. We should know about what is religion first then proceeding to further information about its type of engagement. Religion is defined as an organized system of belief, ceremonies, practice and worship that centers on one supreme God or deities while religious conflict is a disagreement arising from difference in faith and belief or it can simply be understood as religious distinction.

The same goes to category kinds of conflict, there are four detailed types under religious one. They are inter-religious, intra-religious, etho-religious, and political-religious one and each type of this religious conflict has its definition. Also, we learnt about terrorism conflict which means using of violence against civilians to gain goals that are political issues.

Although the lecture was quite long and more on explanations of terms, I enjoyed the class which gave me lots of experiences on conflict around the world now such as in Myanmar, those nations in the Middle East, Africa, and so on.

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