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Current Affairs – Reflective Diary – Junk food by Sariahvn

“Mc. Donald, Mc. Donald Where you from and what are you? From you people get profits and from you people lose health. Is it good or bad to have you, Yet people all the time love to eat?” Mc. Donald, it was a new term in my life before I came to study abroad in Malaysia. I did not know what it is and for what we have from it. It seems I was so stupid and boorish because Mc. Donald is popular in the world market. It was my first time I went to Mc. Donald in Malaysia when I stop my haft journey and waiting for the second one to approach the university after one month holiday back home. It was on September 11th 2012 and I was in the Mc. Donald at the KLCC airport with almost all of my country mates who also live far from home to study in this Albukhary International University. At the time I stepped in the stall everything was so strange and attractive to me. There were many people who were busy with calling foods and eating, chatting with friends and the atmosphere looked so modern, noisy and new comparing to my poor village. Mc. Donald does not grow by itself yet there are many parties that involve in such as franchised people, customers, government, and media and so on. Unlike to traditional foods, Mc. Donald is enjoyed because of its modern taste. The victims that involve in this issue are customers since they consume this kind of junk food in the place and this makes bad influences to their health status, also people use Mc. Donald lose lots of money and for spending their outside meals in expensive stalls. In this life, there are always gainers besides losers and the gainers in this particular enterprise are businessmen. Enterprisers get plenty of profits from their business of Mc. Donald and the government gets part of tax fee as well from the business activity. Moreover, in this issue there are people who considered as the third party. In my point of view I identify those people are traditional food producers because when Mc. Donald and modern types of foods much come to the market nowadays then the customers may have more choices for their favorite ones and from that people may lose their taste on traditional foods. As a consequence, day by day those traditional foods producers may not do their business well as traditional foods may be forgotten in the heart of people. In my opinion, I would like to say that the historical reasons for the growth of Mc. Donald as well as other similar kinds of junk food are due to the globalization of the world. People tend to live more comfortably and need more for their modern life now. First, we can look at the issue from economical side that businessmen establish Mc. Donald stalls to sell their products and get profits from their enterprises. As well as customers need foods to survive, to taste new foods and to eat for fullness when they are hungry, or may be people want to have some changes since everyday they eat the same kinds of food without caring their health. Another aspect that we may consider as one of the reasons that reflect the issue is social side. People nowadays are too busy in works or daily activities that they have no enough time to prepare meals by themselves. In my opinion, the globalisation and somehow westernization have made both positive and negative changes to human beings’ life and the remarkable development of Mc. Donald is one of its influences. There are people and parties who have to take resolutions for this issue so that people can keep their own traditions and customs. The solutions should be aware from the ones who take part strongly in the issue such as businessmen, government and also customers. Enterprisers should improve and develop traditional types of country food rather than they more and more concentrate to international and modern ones, the government should take responsibility in not encouraging and restrict importing international products so that domestic ones will have the ability to develop much, and customers also should care more about their health in consuming fast foods and improve their daily meals with variety types of traditional food. That should be done well to avoid negative effect of junk foods such as Mc. Donald, Pizza Huts, Marry Brown, burger and similar kinds of these fast foods.

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