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In the lecture of week nine we learnt an unusual topic from one of our honorable guest named DR. IMAM FAISAL. He explained the most important Islamic issues with a deep knowledge. He mostly talked about God and the feeling of getting closer of God. So how get to know our God and mostly to know of our religion in right manner. For him when he found in Quran, especially in Salah people say that “God we are seeing you” but in a time being he realized that he is the liar by saying “God we are seeing you” so he asked to his father “ father we are liar, we never see God”.

Then After a very long period of his life he understood which is we can able to see God as well as can feel him by concentrating deeply on prayer. He shared some valuable story of his life but the main thing that he wanted to clarify which we should create a long lasting relationship with God that will help us to create a better life, better world moreover it will constitute a better human being.

Now let’s come back with main topic how to get to be closer to God? Is it only prayer or any other way? For my point of view if we want to gain our God’s love, prayer is not only one way to be closer to but we should love of his creature on universe so God can only be achieved by better relationship with human beings and showing sympathy with any creature of our God rather than worshiping till morning to evening.


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