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Creating a better society through volunteerism

Panel Discussion Proposal Introduction to Civil Society “Creating a better society through volunteerism”

1.       Participants                      Moderator:                                                       Ahmed Nasir                      Panelists:                                                 Raja Farah                                                 Rinati Rozalina                                                 Shahista Shagufa Mahboob                                                 Azrina Johara Bibi 2.       Topic                    “Creating a better society through volunteerism” 3.       General Outline Thesis Statement                                       There are several reasons to address volunteerism towards creating better society like the reasons to become the volunteer the problem faced as a volunteer and the benefits of volunteerism. 4.       Outline for each panelist  Points to be covered by the panelists                                                                i.      The importance of volunteerism in civil society                                                              ii.      Problems faced In volunteerism                                                             iii.      The panelist experience volunteering                                                            iv.      How the panelists benefited while volunteering                           Questions to be addressed by the panelists                                                                i.      Why does the participants volunteer                                                              ii.      what can be done to make volunteerism more effective                                                             iii.      How has volunteerism benefited the society                                                            iv.      What can be done to attract more people to volunteer? 5.       References

  1.                       Is Volunteering Rewarding in Itself? (

  2.                      Challenges for the Future (

  3.                      Volunteering and its Surprising Benefits (

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