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Couple should save their marriage for the sake of their children

Today lecturer was part three of the contemporary ethical issues. There were five topics which we learnt in week 11: torture, humanitarian intervention, corruption, plagiarism and divorce. These are the issues which are happening in our society nowadays. Why these things are happening? Why people do divorce. The divorce rates are rising.

Couples are ending their marriage and I think ending of marriage is a legal act but which will not always agree with a couple’s emotional tearing apart. For me, it is a painful process for all and everyone will be afraid for it. People who divorce feel Anxiety, Anger, Sadness, Weariness, Guilt, and Feeling of isolation, Low self-esteem, Worry, Disappointment / frustration, and Loneliness.  It can effect for the children in the future. Besides, children are the parties who effect most. They are affected psychologically. They become unlucky things between parents. Children will face with the problems but parents will ignore their children’s feelings and therefore it makes children feeling unwanted. In this case, if parents cannot control this situation, there will be negative attitude towards children. So, I think we better think for the children before we do. It is usual for couples with marital problems to think more of their own feelings than of their children. Of course parents have love and interest for their children but it will be hid if they have problems in their marriage and children will not see the love from parents. In this case what children know is that something is terribly wrong, but they have no idea what it is. If parents divorced, children will feel Sense of being poor of parental love, Separation from siblings, Sense of guilt, embarrassment, insecurity and loss of self-confidence, Depression, Anxiety, Loss of concentration in studies, and finally it changes into negative attitude and behavior.

So, I think couple should save their marriage for the sake of their children. Divorce is not always the right thing to do. There are a lot of ways to try to save the marriage life. Couples should understand each other and communication is important. Good communication is important for all relationship.  If we can’t talk to each other, our marriage will go into problems. I think, honesty is also important in relationship. We should honest with our partner.  Cooperation is also important. We should cooperate and accept each other. For instance, the things our partner thinks is acceptable in a relationship but we think it is totally unacceptable. In this case, if it is not going to be harmful to us, to our partner or our relationship then we should accept and allow it. So, it will minimize the case of divorce.


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