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Controversial Ethical Issues: Same sex marriage

Just like last week, we continued into the exploration of the contemporary ethical issues, the topics under discussion this week were the issues of LGBT rights, animal rights, internet piracy, death penalty and insider trading.

Her is would like to focus on the issue of same sex marriage which was most disused in out classes. The issue of same sex marriage involves breaking the very fabric very basic laws on nature itself, which is the coming together of the two sexes to create new life. We human beings just like any other species are made in two sexes and need each other for life to continue. The bonding of both sexes in the form of marriage is one of the foundations of the society. Allowing same sex marriages breaks this foundation of the society. Same sex marriages are allowed in many countries in the world. The main arguments for same sex marriages are that it allows the psychological human needs such as being loved to be fulfilled for the heterosexual and allows them to have some civil rights that are applicable to married couples. The heterosexuals are also humans and they should be given a rights that the normal people and therefore should be allowed to have same sex marriages to fulfill their needs. However, it is against gods will for the same sex to be in a relationship and it is wrong to do so. Another reason is that being gay is not something natural and can be changed so they should not be allowed to have same sex marriage they should change themselves and their nature to be like normal people. In addition to this marriage is the union to two people to create a family to contribute to the society, but what same sex marriages is almost the opposite. Instead of contributing the society what same sex marriage does is breaks the ethical foundations of the society.

However, this is a controversial issue, some agree and some do not. The opinion on this issue differs from religion to religion and country to country, some strongly oppose it, why others strongly support it.

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