Contemporary issues: Animal rights

On this week we have learnt many contemporary issues and the lecture was given by Mr Faosiy. One of the contemporary issues that we learnt on this lecture was Animal rights. There people who have always advocated for animals because animals are not just animals but a living being with a soul. I have heard of this issue so many times and sometimes it makes me wonder why human beings violate the lives of animals.

Just because animals cannot speak for themselves or stand up for their rights does not mean that people should mistreat them. One of the biggest ethical issues is animal testing. I have always wondered why scientist used animals to test the effectiveness of new products while In the first place animals and human beings have totally different anatomy. I find it absurd for products to be tested on animals but later used by human beings.

Animals have their purpose on this earth and that purpose is not to be tested on or mistreated. They need care and love just we human beings do and it is utterly unethical for people to continue with animal testing. Later that evening after the lecture I reflected on this issue and coming to think of it I concluded that animal testing is unfair and useless therefore it should be banned from every country. Laws should be passed to preserve the rights of the animals and anyone who breaks this law should be dealt with accordingly.


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