Contemporary Issue: Surrogacy

During this week’s lecture Dr Faosiy introduced the topic contemporary issues. This lecture had many subtopics hence the lecturer couldn’t complete it one days lecture so it took two days. Some of these contemporary issues were Surrogacy, death penalty, abortion, suicide, surrogate mother hood, cloning, euthanasia, same sex marriages etc. These subjects are subjects that have ethical dilemmas and they tend to bring up questions every now and then. I will pick on issue and reflect on it.

Surrogacy is the practice where one woman is obliged to carry another woman’s baby or a couple’s baby. This woman who is carrying the baby for other people is known as a surrogate mother. Surrogate mothers are usually paid. This was the first time I heard about surrogate motherhood. I was shocked beyond imagination. I could have never thought of that even in my wildest dream. later that evening after class I researched more about surrogacy and I found out that it was not permitted in Islam because it seems like the mother is a commodity.  In the Roman Catholic Church this surrogacy is also not allowed. It opposes all sorts of surrogacy even the altruistic surrogacy which does not involve the payment of any fee to the surrogate mother. It holds that surrogacy violates the sanctity of marriage and the spiritual connection between mother, father and child. Besides in my opinion I find commercial surrogacy to be especially offensive because it turns the miracle of human birth in to a financial transaction.

Furthermore surrogacy   leads to a confused parent child relationship that ultimately damages the institution of the family. It damages the family because the head of the family, the father, would want his own child and this could lead to loss of affection for his current wife. Worst of all it could promote same sex marriages as some gays and lesbians want to have children so they pay the surrogate mothers. I believe that surrogacy is unethical and one should critically think before involving themselves with this action.


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