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Contemporary Ethical Issues – Part 2

Without realizing how much time that we have had together, we are already in week 10 of the trimester and it is almost at the end of the trimester. In this week we continued to discuss part two of contemporary ethical issues in the world. This week we have covered another five interesting issues included: same-sex marriage, animal rights, internet privacy, death penalty and insider trading.

Firstly, we have discussed what are same-sex marriages and the two arguments behind this issues which are people who are agreed and against it. To further discuss the issue, same-sex marriage is also known as gay marriage or equal marriage – a marriage between two persons of the same gender identity, for instance, a man to man marriage or a woman to woman marriage.This issue arises from many different countries whether it is allowed or not. On the other hand, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender or (LGBT) people are claiming their own rights to be respected and accepted by the rest of the people around them.

During the lecture, our lecturer indicated that in some parts of the world as of March 2013, eleven countries have legalized such marriage. Those countries include Canada, Netherlands, and Sweden and so on. However, in some countries it is illegal and for other countries it is ongoing debate whether to legalize it or not. And my country, Myanmar, is one of them.

Some people may support such kind of marriage and some may not. Doesn’t matter which one people choose as long as they have legitimate reasons to back up their side. For people who are in favor in this kind of marriage I think they have the rights to do it as a human being. However, I do not know whether they are thinking the right way or just simply follow what their hearts, mind and feelings say. While for people who are against this I know they have the good reason why they don’t want such marriage to be legalized and embraced by other people.

Same-sex marriage in Myanmar is not allowed and is not legal. As far as I know, there is no situation happened like this in my country whereby people who have same-sex relationships end up marrying each other. We only have the case of same-sex relationship and nothing extra. Most of the cases, those relationships are used to be temporary issues only.  It is true that we have gays in Myanmar; however, there is no case of same-sex marriage just because it is not allowed in our culture and religion.

In my personal view, I am against same-sex marriage because Almighty God does not allow it. He has created only two genders which are male and female. A man is meant for a woman and definitely not for same gender identity. This is against God’s plan so no doubt it is wrong and cannot be right. Besides, marriage is sacred and the union of two people that from families and these families play a very important role in our society. Families contribute something beneficial to the society. In addition, happy family is a good model for others. To me, same-sex marriage should not be allowed and definitely should not be legalized because this will give a bad image for the young people who are growing in that particular place as well.

Prepared by: Wai Wai Ko

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