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Contemporary Ethical Issues III “Corruption”

The last lecture ends with another five interesting topics regarding contemporary ethical issues such as corruption, divorce, plagiarism, humanitarian intervention, and torture. My most attention goes to corruption, and I want to write about it by reflecting to my own country for this week reflective diary.

In my own perception, corruption is a disease that ruins social ethical practices, economic growth, and justice. None of the Countries in the world have never experienced corruption; corruption’s size is the difference among them. How serious the corruption in my country is? As Cambodia is the 19th country with biggest size of corruption, let imagine how Cambodian citizens survive with their low GDP. Every entrance for business, education, job, investment, documentation approvals involving the need of under table money for the authority’s signature to sort the businesses out. It becomes normal fraud practice that all levels of officers practice in daily life, when there is absence of corruption and bribery; people feel something wrong with the officers today.

Much more worsen condition about corruption is not about government, it started from young people to the top leaders. During UNTAC 1970 to 1975, corruption is 100% practiced. After Pol Pot regime, I can say that most of citizens suffered and practiced unethical act of corruption as the way to achieve their wants again. Most of Cambodian knows how to bribe and make thing go with power of money. It is sincerely speaking that the citizens are forced to do so. As a matter of fact, the law against corruption has been made 3 years ago, however, only words are reading aloud whereas actions are hidden and unpractical. Nothing can change corruption level in Cambodia because there is no justice among citizens to citizens and citizens to officers, vice versa, if there is perfect justice system and equality, the current corruption can be eliminated in the short-run.

Justice is under government control, we are not given just if we are poor, we have no relationship with the justice’s officers and we do not have big amount of money to find justice at the trial. There is much thing to say about Cambodian justice system, and I personally see the real picture of justice when my sister was a victim in traffic accident in 2010. There were misled and frame actions to made-up the person to be winner or loser at the court.

In short, nowadays Cambodian citizens have not received perfect justice system, and we totally suffered from being corrupted, and being forced to be corruption practitioners. Why and how corruption is everywhere? I believed that corruption is very hard to cure if people or individuals are greedy to obtaining what they want to have rather than to satisfy what they should have ethically.

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